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People make the difference to COVID-19 resilience in Singapore and worldwide. The COVID-19 global pandemic has adversely affected communities everywhere. We are faced with an unprecedented challenge and will need to forge deeper collaborations and co-operations to assist our communities.

In Co-op Hot Shots 8, participants are to submit photos that communicate the belief that people make the difference and create positive impact to the community.

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Categories & Prizes

For all residing outside Singapore
Local Open
For all residing in Singapore
Up to 10 entries will be put up on Instagram for public voting. The entry with the highest number of “Likes” will win the Social category
1st prize: S$500

2nd prize: S$250

3rd prize: S$150
1st prize: S$1,000

2nd prize: S$600

3rd prize: S$300


*Submitted photos need not be taken from the country of residence.

Distinguished Judges

Allan Lee

Founder of

AL Lee (Allan Lee)

Founder of and the principal trainer of Shutter Journey Photography Academy.

AL had been advocating photography education since 2009 with countless previous stints as a PA Certified Trainer (People's Association), REMS Trainer (MOE CCA Trainer) and also teaching photography at various organizations like NTUC (ULive!), National Heritage Board (NHB) etc.

AL is a regular Judge at many National Level Photography Competitions like the Red Dot Series (Capitol) or the earlier Youth Series (SCAPE/ National Youth Council)

Sim Seng Huat

Senior Manager, SNCF

Sim Seng Huat

Seng Huat is the Senior Manager of SNCF leading a team in developing and advocating for the co-operative movement in Singapore through youth programs, industry and community partnerships. He has over 20 years of experience in sales and business development in the technology industry. He was also a passionate educator in cultivating and maximising the potential of youth. Photography is one of his past times with special interest in the genre of street photography, he has been to developing countries in the region to help capture the plights of underprivileged children in order to garner sponsorship support for the children to break out of the poverty cycle through education.

Ronald Louis Low

Founding member of Istoria Co-operative

Ronald Louis Low

Ronald is a passionate documentarian, and through his works, helps raise funds for social causes. He published his first photobook, "Dogwood Blossom" which helped raise funds for various dog shelters and animal rescue groups, and his works which exhibited at the "When The Mountains Called" exhibition at ION Orchard, for the earthquake victims of Nepal. Ronald was also commissioned to produce a series of portraits of the punks for The Substation's "Discipline The City" exhibition.
Being a dedicated educator, Ronald believes in nurturing the youth of today. He is a registered MOE trainer for Photography and Entrepreneurship and has developed the curriculum for 'Storytelling via Photography' workshop for schools.
As a founding member of Istoria Co-operative, Ronald continues to champion the sustainability of freelancers in the creative industry with the co-operative.

Past Winning Entries

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