Coming Together As One Through Art
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What makes the community stronger? Can one survive without helping one another?

SNCF Bicentennial Pop-Art Event, "Coming Together As One Through Art", showcases the impact people can create when they band together towards a common goal. The artistic installation will leave you pondering on the societal issues of yesteryear which are still pertinent today.

The year-long series of pop-art events – which started with Credit Co-operatives, Service Co-operatives and then NTUC Co-operatives – will end with a finale, themed Better Together, that takes you on a journey through the Singapore Co-operative Movement from the 1900s to present.

You’ll also get to immerse and experience the co-operative spirit of co-operation, self-help and mutual help on the last 3 days where we bring you a carnival with curated F&B selection and interactive workstations, alongside live music!

Join us to discover more!

 Venue:  Plaza Singapura, Outdoor Front Plaza

 Date:  26 September - 20 October 2019 (Carnival happening from 18 - 20 October!)

 Time:  3pm – 9pm (Carnival hours extended from 12pm – 9pm on 19 & 20 October)

Entry to pop-art event is free-of-charge and closed on Mondays.

Find out what's in store for you here!

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The past is history, the present is a gift and the future will only be a mystery because it contains endless possibilities. The world is our oyster. Can we make the future better, together?

Take a walk down memory lane to see how our pioneers had come together through the Co-operative Movement to address social issues of their era based on the principles self-help and mutual help. Lack of financial access, lack of employment opportunities are some issues they faced then.

What are the social issues that we face today? Are they different from yesteryear? We need your help to make the future better– so come join us and see how you can contribute to make the difference!

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