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The Co-operative Society of Nanyang Technological University Limited — in short, Co-op@NTU — is a platform for students and staff to engage in multiple social events and projects for the welfare of the NTU community, and will serve as an added platform for those with a knack for business management. Founded in February 2014, Co-op@NTU is Singapore's first student-run cooperative, aimed to serve the dynamic NTU population. As the student community diversifies over the years, it’s time we take a step forward and provide the best to all our friends, teachers and staff around us.
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Main Line No: 6788 2000
Contact No: 6788 2000

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To enhance the social and economic well-being of members through appropriate investments and the organisation of relevant talks and events for wellness and learning.
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Main Line No: 6710 7551
Contact Name: Dr Carol Tan
Contact No: 6339 6480

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The Good Life's mission is to provide quality healthcare for value so that all of its members can live long, live well, and live carefree. The Good Life supports its members' health by partnering with reputed medical and other professionals who share The Good Life's ethos to create programmes that make healthy living desirable, attainable and fun.
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Main Line No: 6334 8055

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Singapore Police Co-operative Society was launched on 18th August 1926 as the first co-operative for uniformed personnel in the Singapore Government Service.

Since its inception, SPCS serves the uniformed and civilian staff of law enforcement agencies by offering support and care to members in meaningful and pragmatic ways, especially in the area of financial assistance. It is an institution with strong and sound financial fundamental and investments that offer many benefits for its members.

SPCS is a social enterprise owned by its members, thus the Co-operative’s mission is tailored to best serve the needs of the members. The Co-operative is based on the International Co-operative Alliance’s Rochdale Principles of Co-operation.

Ordinary Membership
Employees (civilian staff included) from:
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA)
AETOS & its groups of companies
Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC)
CISCO & its groups of companies
Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)
Organizations which have Police Co-op representation on the Board of Directors

Associate Membership
Should you resign/retire from MHA or its related organisations, you may still continue your membership as an Associate Member.
Associate Membership is also open to the following group of people: NSmen with MHA
Teachers associated with NPCC, members and former members of NPCC VSC Officers
Main Line No: 6319 3700 (Call Center) / 6319 3704 (Human Resource)
Contact Name: Shoba Gunasekaran
Contact No: 6319 3702

About Us ...

TCC is a Credit Co-operative, a not-for-profit financial institution different from Banks and Finance Companies.

Banks are financial institutions that are in business to make a profit. They are owned by groups of stockholders whose interest include owning a healthy return for their investments. Credit Co-operatives are owned and controlled by the people who use its services. The profits of a Co-operative are returned to its members in the form of annual dividends. Credit Co-operatives are not-for-profit and exist to provide a safe convenient place for its members to save money and get loans at reasonable rates.

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World Credit Union Conference (WCUC)
World Credit Union Conference (WCUC)

  Singapore, 15 – 18 July  Credit Co-ops can apply for CCF grant to attend WCUC. The first two registrants enjoy 90% subsidy and 3rd [ ... ]

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That's a Co-op Contest
That's a Co-op Contest

Join our "That's a Co-op" contest and win SGD100 worth of vouchers!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE?  Follow our @sncfsg instagram account

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