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Main Line No: 6743 7885
Contact Name: Cheong Lisa
Contact No: 6471 7566

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ISCOS is a co-operative that helps ex-offenders and their families make positive changes to reintegrate successfully into society. Established in 1989, it has now over 14,000 members who have benefited from various programmes and initiatives ranging from employment, skills training, social support to family-bonding activities.
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World Credit Union Conference (WCUC)
World Credit Union Conference (WCUC)

  Singapore, 15 – 18 July  Credit Co-ops can apply for CCF grant to attend WCUC. The first two registrants enjoy 90% subsidy and 3rd [ ... ]

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That's a Co-op Contest
That's a Co-op Contest

Join our "That's a Co-op" contest and win SGD100 worth of vouchers!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE?  Follow our @sncfsg instagram account

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