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Co-operatives face the challenge of striking a balance between the ‘must-do’ and ‘don’t really need-to-do’. In addition, they often do not have the bandwidth, resources or the capability to manage new initiatives. Lack of adequate knowledge and possibly insufficient knowledge and ‘fear’ of new trends are the reasons for not embracing digital options or not wanting to speak to the press when favorable opportunities arise.

SNCF offers shared marketing services to provide affiliates a scalable way to align their marketing, social media, media relations needs while making their costs more predictable and flexible. Applications to Grants include digital presence, media relations support, and resources and pricing from negotiated suppliers will be made available to affiliates of SNCF.


The primary objectives of Marketing Shared Services are to:

    1. Digital presence:
      1. help co-ops without website, facebook and other social media tools to have a digital presence
      2. encourage those with outdated website to revamp the old and include social media tools.
    2. Media Relations:
      1. assist co-ops with good stories to pitch to the media through a professional PR agency and create awareness for both the co-op and SNCF
      2. assist newly formed co-ops to get the appropriate publicity to enhance their brand and business
    3. Made available SNCF resources and negotiated pricing from SNCF suppliers to affiliates

Benefits to Co-operatives

    Some key benefits are:

  1. Affordability
  2. Co-payment Grant
  3. Availability of expertise / professional services
  4. Up scaling of Marketing and Event activities to create awareness
  5. Availability of templates as guides
  6. Vendors’ familiarity with SNCF and the co-operative movement

Download Application Form

Download Claim Form

To apply, please download the forms and submit to:

Attn: Shared Marketing Services
Singapore National Co-operative Federation
510 Thomson Road
#12-02 SLF Building
Singapore 298135

For more information about the services, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact your respective SNCF Relationship Managers.

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