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This Sector consists of co-operatives providing a wide range of services to their members.

Main Line No: 9826 6882

About Us ...

To be a world class model of integrating people with special needs through sports.
Motto “RUN TO BOND, RUN SO OTHERS CAN!” Background of how Runninghour was formed

Runninghour has been supported by Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC) as a Healthy Lifestyle Club (HLC). The inclusive running club was formed since 18th of April 2009 by a group of fitness enthusiasts. They act as buddy runners to special members who are mildly intellectually challenged every Saturday morning. The members are mainly students and ex-students from APSN (Association for People with Special Needs) and CFA (Center for Adults).

Purpose of Runninghour

By and large the avenues for persons with special needs who are mildly intellectually challenged with IQ below 70 (the ordinary IQ level is above 100), to integrate into mainstream is very limited. We recognised that with limited resources, we need to be focus in our effort and approach in order to ensure that interest of persons with special needs as well as buddy runners are sustained and our objectives are achievable.

Key Objectives

Promote and provide support to persons with special needs in physical recreation i.e. mainly running. Provide opportunities for persons with special needs to interact with their peers, ordinary youth and adults to build bonds and enlarge their social networks.

Key Focus

Promote and nurture independence in participation in mainstream activities. Thus, we are only targeting at persons who are mildly intellectually challenged.
Recruiting members who enjoys physical activities and in particularly running. This will ensure sustainability and win-win for both special members and volunteers.

Main Bnr

Main Line No: 9822 6882
Main Email:

Runninghour 2015: Run So Others Can is an inaugural national event that aims to use mainstream sports as a platform to promote integration and nurture an inclusive Singapore. Runninghour 2015 will be the first and only race in Singapore where participants run alongside over 200 visually, intellectually and physically-challenged runners.

The Run will be a rallying call for Singaporeans to come together and show their support towards integrating people with special needs.

Tags / Keywords: blind , running
Main Line No: 6379 5666
Contact Name: Shena Foo Jee Hwee
Contact No: 6379 5669

About Us ...

To build up a viable and vibrant organisation of corporate enterprise under a co-operative masthead and to serve beneficially all seamen, and their dependants, who share our vision and partake of our enterprise.
Tags / Keywords: club , hotel , manpower , maritime , medical , properties , transport
Main Line No: 6296 1601

About Us ...

Secure Guard Security Services Co-operative was formed in 1999 and is owned by Telecoms Credit Co-operative, one of the largest thrift and loan co-operative in Singapore with more 38,000 members.

As we are under Telecoms Credit Co-operative, our financial position is very strong.

The daily Operations of Security Guard Services is headed by Mr. Zag Dzulkarnain, PB, PBS., Head Operations & Administration, Security Consultant.
Tags / Keywords: guards , security
Main Line No: 6262 7538
Contact Name: Johnny Wong
Contact No: 6262 7538

About Us ...

To provide members with canteens, mini-marts, transport services and general welfare benefits on a co-operative platform.
Tags / Keywords: canteen , mini mart , transport
Main Line No: 6536 3648
Contact Name: Audrey Lee
Contact No: 6536 3648

About Us ...

Silver Caregivers Co-operative Ltd (SCCL) champions the cause of family caregivers by providing psycho-social and emotional support, and empowering them with relevant holistic skill sets in professional care and training services.

Through its integrated resource network, SCCL will also provide caregivers with support like employment-service matching, workshops and social networking events. SCCL believes that through mutual help and support, caregivers will be more effective in their caregiving role.

The co-operative envisions a caring society where the care recipients’ needs are served by well-informed and well-prepared caregivers. They also aim to raise awareness of the important social contribution of caregivers to society, and the social and emotional challenges they face.

A member of the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), SCCL shares the cooperative values of self and mutual help, fostering a more resilient society and enhancing the quality of life of caregivers, the elderly, and the community through SCCL’s unique social mission.
Tags / Keywords: caregivers , healthcare
Main Line No: 8237 7584

About Us ...

SH is a co-operative, a social enterprise formed by seniors for fellow seniors. The founding members, from various walks of life, bravely joined in to start this co-operative. It was successfully registered on 28 February 2012. Our social mission is to promote active living and learning through customized travel programs for seniors and to use travel as a platform to build friendship and bonding before, during and after the tour. The activities are intended to make life more active and meaningful for seniors.
Tags / Keywords: seniors , travel
Main Email:
Contact Name: M Subramaniam
Contact No: 6273 5183

About Us ...

SASCO Ltd, then known as “The Singapore Urban Co-operative Union Ltd”, was established on 16 November 1933 by 12 thrift & loan Co-operative Societies to serve as a coordinating body.

Its objectives were to provide for a central organization to facilitate co-ordination, collaboration and dissemination of information amongst the growing number of co-operative societies then.

On 23 July 1954, its name was changed to the “Singapore Co-operative Union Ltd” and on May 1972, it was changed to the Singapore National Co-operative Union Ltd” (SNCU).

On 26 Feb 1982, the Singapore National Cooperative Federation Ltd” (SNCF) was setup as the apex organization for all Co-operatives societies. Thus the SNCU changed its name to “Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative Organisation Ltd” (SASCO Ltd).

SASCO Ltd then decided to change its role and took on community projects that would enhance the image of the members of the Cooperative movement in Singapore. Since then SASCO LTD became an affiliate to Singapore National Co-operative Federation Ltd (SNCF).

SASCO Ltd has taken on multiple community projects from Childcare Centre, Tuition Centre to Multi-Purpose Minimart and is moving forward to develop and evolve in line with their vision and mission. SASCO Ltd continues to extend its support greatly to SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home.

Moving Forward
SASCO Ltd has moved from strength to strength over the years. It is, yet, looking forward to many future projects beyond its current scope. Seven Hills Multi-Purpose Pte Ltd has opened talks to sign an agreement with the Thailand Co-Operative Society and is looking to sign further agreements with more trading partners in Southeast Asia countries.

SASCO’s childcare centres are planning to expand by one other centre in 2014. The multi-purpose minimart is also looking to develop another outlet in the Bukit Batok area in 2014. This is in addition to continuing our initiatives to render social and economic services to the community, similar to Bursary Awards.

To be a co-operative leader in providing social & economic services to community To provide affordable community and social development programs and to make a difference in people’s lives.
Tags / Keywords: eldercare
Main Line No: 6438 0012
Contact Name: Mr Kao Beng Lee
Contact No: 6438 0012

About Us ...

Consultancy,Training , Job matching, Coaching, Career Advisory and Profiling services.

We are located at: 10, Eunos Road 8, #13-07, SingPost Centre South Lobby, Singapore 408600.
Tags / Keywords: advisory , career , PMEBs

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