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Main Line No: 6280 8033
Contact Name: Lee Cheow Gek
Contact No: 6380 0862

About Us ...

The AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative helps union members who are in need of financial assistance. It operates on the Co-operative concept of mutual help and assistance where members pool their limited individual savings to help each other. AUPE Co-op's members who are public employees, are disallowed, by their service contracts, to borrow money without enough security or pledges, etc. However, this does not apply to co-operative societies. The AUPE Co-op was formed to make it possible and easy for its members to obtain financial assistance when the need arises.

The Co-operative also helps members to maximise their earnings from savings with us. We pay a higher rate of interest on members' fixed deposits compared to other commercial institutions.

It is an important source of funds particularly for low and middle income employees.

The AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative is affiliated to the Singapore National Co-operative Federation Limited (SNCF)
Main Line No: 6337 4936
Contact Name: Mr Martin Nathan
Contact No: 6337 4936

About Us ...

To encourage thrift and help members to save for a bright future and to build a strong bond between the members and the Society so as to instill a sense of belonging.
Main Line No: 6291 6341
Contact Name: Ms Alice Chong
Contact No: 6291 6341

About Us ...

To promote self help, encourage thrift and improving economic interest among members.
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Main Line No: 6344 8627
Contact Name: Shanmugathaasan Balasingam
Contact No: 6344 8627

About Us ...

To encourage thrift and to assist members to reduce the cost of living and improve their economic position.

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New Year Reception 2018

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