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The Good Life Co-operative Ltd

Date of Submission: 19 Mar 2014
Main Line No: 6710 7551

About Us ...

The Good Life's mission is to provide quality healthcare for value so that all of its members can live long, live well, and live carefree. The Good Life supports its members' health by partnering with reputed medical and other professionals who share The Good Life's ethos to create programmes that make healthy living desirable, attainable and fun.

Core Areas of Business/Services & Products:

Health care & advisory services, Geriatric Medicine

We want to offer...

Healthcare awareness programmes, Health Talks and Tele-Health Monitoring Medicine for seniors to create healthcare awareness especially for ageing populations

We are looking for...

1) Sponsors to support us in conducting talks on Healthcare awareness programmes and Health Talks
2) Sponsors to play a bigger role to assist us to create educational, awareness programs and for health services especially for those ageing seniors

Industries we want to collaborate with:

1) Home Nursing
2) Suppliers of medicine & drugs
3) Retirement Village.

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